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A career in law is best fitted for those who are very much enthusiastic towards the world of law and fascinated with the system of justice. The fast growing pace of legal profession makes it one of the most lucrative and the most respected careers in India today. To make a professional in law, one will need to pursue a professional law courses. A large number of institutes and universities in India are offering law courses where one could select a specialization into one of the various arms of law such as: corporation law, civil law, criminal law, and international law, labor law, patent law, tax law and so on. These Law courses can be pursued at both under-graduate as well as post-graduate level including LLB and LLM from various institutes and universities recognized worldwide.

However, the duration of these courses may vary according to the specialization and the time required for practice or internship. The minimum qualification that one requires to complete for pursuing a course in Law is to pass 10+2. This is the eligibility after which you will be spending your 3-5 years in pursuing a LLB degree, whereas, a PG program in law, i.e. LLM, requires you to gain a LLB degree first. The minimum duration to complete LLM is two years. Once you have pursued a course in law, you will be having large number opportunities to opt for employment such as courts of law, in government service, as a law teacher, as a legal advisor to a company or a business house, etc. One could also go for private practice to provide services as a legal advisors advocate, solicitor etc.

For the starters, who have already started practicing over legal terms and activities but want to pursue a law course for an addition to their curriculum vitae and to improvise their job prospects, many law institutes provide distance learning courses. These distance learning courses are best for those do not have enough time to dedicate to the college. Another advantage of distance learning is that it is less expensive as well as less time consuming compared to regular courses, and offers both bachelors and masters level courses in Law i.e. LLB as well as LLM.

The latest facility that is provided nowadays for law courses is the online-education facility that has earned a great feedback from students as well as teachers connected to this service. You can also find a institute of your choice to pursue a law course on http://www.educationinstitutes.in