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Travel Clubs Are a Great Way For a Single Woman to Travel – Myth Or Reality?

As a single woman looking to travel, a “travel club” may have piqued your interest, but you’re not sure if the things you’ve heard are legitimate or too good to be true. Many clubs offer fantastic deals or luxury accommodations, but it’s hard to filter the myth from the reality sometimes. With a little research and common sense, though, vacationing with a travel club can turn out to be the best idea you’ve had in a long time.

Let’s look at a few common myths and misconceptions:

Myth: “All travel clubs are scams designed to take your money, and you can find better deals for yourself or with a travel agent.”

Reality: Of course some so-called “travel clubs” are scams, and often, with those con artists, you’ll encounter crazy good deals that are absolutely too good to be true. These scams are relatively easy to spot, and all you really need to do is make a few phone calls and check the deals out before agreeing to anything. Don’t jump right in after hearing a fast-talking sales pitch or receiving a shiny brochure-just keep in mind that for a single woman shopping for a travel deal, a legitimate travel club with a solid reputation may be for you.

Myth: “Travel clubs are really just a way to get you to listen to a timeshare presentation/buy into their timeshare program.”

Reality: Again, there’s always some grain of truth in a lie, and yes, there are some organizations that advertise themselves as “travel clubs,” but upon further investigation, what they’re offering is a vacation deal IF you sit and listen to their long, boring presentation on a timeshare deal. Don’t be afraid to ask the question point-blank. If it is a time share pitch, don’t go. But just because a timeshare professes to be a travel club doesn’t mean all travel clubs are bad. And if you have a little extra time, it might be worth sitting through the pitch for the free accommodations. Just leave your checkbook at home!

Myth: “The ‘deals’ you get are for low quality accommodations, and the only way you’ll get the ‘luxury’ they promise is with expensive upgrades.”

Reality: Research, research, research. It bears repeating. Some random telemarketer may try and weasel you into a fabulous $50 deal that, if you really check into, is for one night in a motel with a lamp. Legitimate travel clubs, however, offer travelers-especially if you’re a single woman looking for travel deals who plans to fully utilize the benefits of the club’s discounts-prices and accommodations you probably couldn’t find on your own.

Myth: If you travel with a club, you’ll be stuck on a bus with a bunch of old married couples.

Reality: Travel clubs today recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. They often package their trips with different constituents in mind; family, single professionals, or seniors. And even if, as a single woman, you go on a trip with families and seniors, a good travel club provides plenty of free time to explore on your own.

Overall, it all comes down to knowing what you’re looking for and understanding that yes, there are some scams out there, but in general, most travel clubs are legal, legitimate and may offer a single woman who enjoys travel and plans to fully explore all the benefits the club has to offer a unique opportunity to experience new and exciting destinations.